Our Services

Recruitment and Placement Services

  • We recruit well experienced personal assistants and executive assistants and match them with celebrities and high-net worth individuals or families based on their requirements needs.
  • We provide our clients with suitable personal or executive assistants on part-time, short term or long term basis.
  • Our clients have a choice of appointing a travel personal assistant for their business or personal trips. It can be for a travelling engagement, a special project or on 24/7.
  • We assess the client needs and match him/her with the ideal personal or executive assistant.
  • We provide virtual assistant services for clients that only needs a reliable assistant to manage their administration side of their business i.e. sending e-mails, managing their communication, keeping of records, etc.
  • We source office space and boardroom facilities for clients that needs spaces to operate at or host events and meetings.

Virtual Assistance Services

Virtual Assistant services are a great option offered to our clients who cannot justify or afford a full time personal assistant. Virtual Assistant services provide the following business administration support;

  • Personal and business administration
  • Travel research, booking and planning
  • Document creation, design and formatting
  • Diary and mailbox management
  • Research tasks
  • Project and Task Management

Why Choose Our Services

The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network is truly a “boutique” consultancy because we only deal with Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants and Estate Managers. Most employment agencies, regardless of whether or not they practice domestic or corporate placements, are just high-volume commission factories that try to be all things to all people.

  • We establish and maintain the type of personal and professional relationship required to serve a celebrity or high net worth family.
  • We have the leading expertise to recruit, interview and qualify high quality candidates.
  • We have established networks around the world which assist us to stay abreast with international trends and understand how our clients can be supported when travelling oversees.
  • We train and empower our pool of personal and executive assists with knowledge and skills that gives them the tools to service our clients professional based on our business values.